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Tired of Struggling To Dress Your Kids For Snow?

We are too. That's why we created the StowSuit!

The number of kids snow gear frustrations are almost too numerous to count. Mittens repeatedly get lost, nothing fits well for long, whining is inevitable, and the list goes on and on. Stop wasting money on toddler snowgear, and save yourself some time, Buy the snowsuit for kids you didn't know you needed: the SnowOtter StowSuit.

Why should you dress your children in our patent-pending snowsuit for kids?

  • All of the pieces are attached yet detachable if need be.
  • It self-stores the pants and mittens to covert into a snow coat.
  • You can pack it within itself neatly for convenient storage
  • The simple yet functional design encourages child autonomy.
  • It's all-in-one, so the early morning search for snow gear is easy
  • The legs extend up to 2" to grow with your child
  • You can dress your kids for snow with out stress
  • To save time, money and sanity!
  • And more...
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Mittens Wont Get Lost

The mittens on our children's snowsuit are built right into the sleeves, so you no longer have to hunt down a matching pair. Nestled in their compact zippered pocket, our mittens are ready for action whenever your child's hands get too cold.

Pants Integrate Seamlessly Into Coat

The mittens on our children's snowsuit are built right into the sleeves, so you no longer have to hunt down a matching pair. Nestled in their compact zippered pocket, our mittens are ready for action whenever your child's hands get too cold.

Magnets Work Magnificently

Magnets are hidden in two ways to help you and your child stay organized. The first way helps the pants lay flat in the back storage pocket by connecting the end of the pant legs to magnets near the neck. The second way latches the front pockets, granting your kiddo easy access to any treasures they might want to put in there.

Pant Legs Keep Growing

Kids seem to grow up awfully fast these days. Instead of constantly replacing sets of snow pants every season (or during the same season!), we designed the StowSuit to have extendable pant legs to keep your child from growing out of them as quickly. The legs extend up to 2" for a snowsuit that grows alongside kids.

Back Storage Pouch Has Your Back

Whether you want to conveniently store the snow pants, or you want your child to have some extra warm snow clothes along with them, the back pocket on the StowSuit will meet your needs. You can throw whatever extra goodies you want in there for storage or for use, and they will zip away securely.

So What Makes Our Snowsuit for Kids

A StowSuit?

It stows away easily!

You never have to worry about finding all the separate pieces of your child’s snow gear again because the mittens, pants, and coat pack up into themselves for convenient storage. The stowable components of our snowsuit also encourage autonomy as your kids learn how to dress themselves for snow. It’s much easier for them to manage one piece than four or more.

The days of digging around endlessly in the garage are over, and you can kiss those stressful snow day mornings goodbye. With all of your kiddo’s snow gear in one place, you can get out of the house more quickly and with less frustration. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind with the knowledge that your kids are warm and dry on their winter adventures in a SnowOtter StowSuit.

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Oh, the complaints. The whining. The extra costs and the waste of time. For Andrea Misch, dressing her children for school and outdoor adventures during the winter was one act in frustration after another. Like many parents, Andrea looked forward to the beginning of spring; not because of fairer weather, but because the season meant less time spent looking for lost mittens or forcing toddlers into bulky snow gear that magically overnight, refused to fit. The annoyances spurred Andrea to inspiration.

SnowOtter is the result. As an all-in-one "stowsuit," SnowOtter one-piece snowsuits for kids end the cold-morning madness parents of preschoolers know all too well. Our patented design, with attached mittens, hoodie, and storage pack, means nothing gets lost and all of your toddler's snow gear is conveniently packed away in one condensed package. And, it also means that new children's snowsuits are not a requirement with every passing season as the extendable legs offer additional wearing time for growing kids.

Available in sizes 2T to 6T, SnowOtter stowsuits offer parents of young children an affordable and versatile alternative to less-than-convenient snow clothes for kids. We’re proud of what we’ve created and hope you and your friends and family love SnowOtter’s children’s snowsuits as much as we do. If you have a story or would like to leave a review, we would love to hear from you. Our success is dependent on your feedback and we thank you in advance for your loyal business.


Please feel free to contact us with any thoughts you may have about our StowSuits. We are parents ourselves and getting our kids ready for winter weather used to make us weary. So we started SnowOtter! Whatever your concern may be, we would be happy to discuss any of your children’s snowsuit needs.