Winter Wonderland

The SnowOtter 'StowSuit' is the parents solution for - "Flurries, Hurries, and NO Worries!" 

Created by a Mother of 4 from Michigan - this StowSuit was designed with Warmth, Comfort, Easability, Versatility, and Longevity in mind.

Our StowSuit is made with top quality materials. Water resistant & and will protect your children down to negative temperatures. 

We call our All In One coat a StowSuit because it stores the snow pants and mittens right inside of the coat. The conveniently accessible and stowable mittens and snow pants attach securely with zippers. Our unique design offers the versatility of removable components perfect for milder temperatures, washing, or to alternate mittens. With everything compacted into one, you'll eliminate the hassle of trying to find lost and mismatched mittens. You'll also avoid having to pack bulky snow pants into already stuffed backpacks. When the snow pants are tucked away in the pouch, they are cozy, condensed, and warm.

Other features to make this ensemble complete include: Built-in magnets and snaps to ensure the snow pants stay in place within the pouch. There is a zipper access for both pouches. The pant legs extend up to two inches for years of wear-ability. Also, there are small magnets built in the pockets for ease of access. All of the components of the coat are designed with kids independence in mind.

The beautifully knit hats are color coordinated to add the finishing touch to your StowSuit and keep your kids warm!

Available in a variety colors - there is a style every little otter will love!